Camera Shopping

07 Feb

With the help of an old high school buddy from Dallas, I did some camera shopping today.  I think Mike is a helluva photographer and when I first let him know of my plans, I asked if he would be willing to lend me a hand in choosing a good camera package.  Thankfully, he was more than happy to oblige!

Nikon d5300

This is the camera I’m looking at – The Nikon D5300

Let me digress. I’ve always felt a need to be “creative”. When I was CFO at Western Microwave, they were always kicking me out of the Marketing department. I’d wander down there and ask, “So what’s going on?” Innocent enough. And before you know it, I’d find out that they’d use some play on words, or other little saying I’d come up with in their collateral material. And when I made the switch over to web development in the late 90’s, I discovered two things:  first, I can’t draw to save my soul … about the only things I can draw are my breath and water for a bath!  The second thing?  There’s a lot of math in creative design.  The key is to ensure that it’s a complementary tool and not the driving force behind what you ultimately present. (And you don’t necessarily have to “draw” to understand presentation and composition.  I guess that’s a third thing I learned. Oh, well …)

So photography has always held a fascination for me.  And I’m excited to see where I can go with it.  Which gets me back to the camera shopping.

I did some research and decided that I’d look at Nikon … when I ran that by Mike, he coincidentally said that he had done the same and had been using their cameras for years.  He gave me some suggestions on what I should look for and I found a few package deals on Amazon that looked like a fit.  One thing though … one of them looked to good to be true.  And it happened to be the one that had pretty much everything I was looking for. So, being the schmuck that I am, I called the seller to inquire about it, figuring it would be better to find out beforehand that there had been a misprint or worse, receiving something that wasn’t what I was expecting to get!

Unfortunately, I’m going to have to wait until Monday for an answer though … that particular rep doesn’t work on weekends!  If it does turn out to be a mistake, hopefully I can manage some sort of “thank you” discount for pointing it out before his bosses discover the hard way that they’ve either got to honor a bad deal (I think it’s too big to be considered a “loss leader”), or they’re going to have created a lot of bad will … and judging from their excellent reputation on Amazon, I’m sure they don’t want to do that!  Whether I get the discount or not, I just didn’t feel right about ordering it and then trying to force a bad deal on them.  Not my style.

So I guess I’ll find out what’s up in a couple of days.  I can manage that without too much anxiety

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