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24 Feb

The Climb

It’s funny where life takes you
as you head on up the road.
You make your plans. You think you’re set.
You see the “pot of gold”,

But then the bump. The sudden turn. The unexpected fall.
And things you thought would never change
are gone. You’ve lost them. All!

Some men would let it ruin them
while others go in stride.
Me? I’m the middle, choosing paths
for the rest of my life’s ride.

I wish that I could boldly say
with total certainty
that I won’t let misfortune
take its final toll on me.

But for the moment I have to take
things one step at a time
and forget the steepness of the hill ,,,
to focus on the climb.


I’ve spent a lifetime building walls
knowing nothing else to do
With walls, I felt protected
from heartaches, old and new.

With every passing day a brick
was added to the pile.
As months and years passed by the wall
grew higher. Yet all the while

it never seemed to bring to me
the joy and peace I craved.
It only brought me solitude
and closer to the grave.

I longed to have somebody take
the mortar from my hand …
to tell me, “You don’t need that wall!
It’s alright! I understand!”

But I’ve spent a lifetime building walls
knowing nothing else to do.
So if I reject your loving hand
please know it’s me. Not you.

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