I Hate Daylight Savings Time!

08 Mar

It starts today, Gene… and I HATE it!

Hate it, hate it, HATE IT!!!!!!!

(And there ain’t enough exclamation points available to get that across!)

The whole concept is absurd. My body works on an inner clock.  I pretty much wake up at the same time every day, unless I’m having a bout of insomnia or I’m feeling under the weather. No alarm clock jangling … my inner clock knows when it’s time to get up. That “same time” has changed a little with circumstance … I used to wake up between 5:00 and 5:15 every morning. Now, it’s about an hour later.  But my eyes open when my brain tells them, “Time to open up shop, little buddies.”

That inner clock doesn’t need anything screwing with it.  And every March, it gets screwed with.  It throws me off.  It’s used to doing things at certain times and gets pissy when it’s forced into routines that are out of whack from when it thinks things should happen.

Friends laugh at me – they think I’m nuts (I tell them that I am, but for many reasons other than this. That’s a different story, though.) Regardless, there have been scientific studies showing that many people’s “Circadian Rhythm” is impacted by DST.  And I happen to be one of those guys. By the way, that same study said that in the weeks following the initial clock change, there is a spike in heart attacks and suicides, so it ain’t just me folks!

One other little tidbit – do you know WHY we have daylight savings time?  It’s not because of farmers getting up early.  And it’s not because of Ben Franklin, either.  He advocated for a “standard” time so that everyone could be on the same schedule. And while he was a strong believer in early rising … remember “Early to bed, early to rise”? … he never said we should change the freaking clocks once the standard was established!

No, the reason we have Daylight Savings Time is … are you ready?  GOLF!!!!  Freaking golf! Are you shitting me?  William Willett was the first to suggest DST because he was tired of getting up in the dark so he could play golf.  Yeah, well, it’s not directly the cause, but when I first read that I only got more ticked.  I remember George C. Scott’s character in the movie “Taps”. He was a retired general running a military school for young kids and was faced with its impending closure.  Someone suggested he take up golf.  His response? “The idea of running around, chasing a little ball with an alligator on my tit … God, it makes me want to puke!”  That’s me. Larry’s been after me from time to time to take up golf but I’ve never been able to bring myself around to doing it.  But I digress. (By the way Larry – I don’t begrudge how much you enjoy the game. I look forward to the next time we go out to the putting green and do $1 a hole like we did 20 years ago.)


I’m with you chief. It’s idiotic!

Other studies have shown that we don’t use less energy, it’s not safer, there isn’t less crime nor are there fewer traffic accidents, it doesn’t increase voter turnout. (That was a supposed benefit? Seriously?  How about giving us some decent candidates that aren’t in the lobbyists’ pockets? Did you ever think of that?).  And yet despite all those studies, we still have it. And guess what … the days get longer during the summer anyhow! We don’t need to artificially change the clocks for that to happen – it’s nature! But then, seeing as how so many of our esteemed politicians don’t believe in natural law, I can see why they’re not in any hurry to change things.

I have options.  I could move to Arizona.  Yeah, there’s an idea – I mean, I’ve lived through hell most of my life, I might as well move there!  Arizona, at least to me, is one of the most backward-thinking places in this country and with the exception of the Grand Canyon, the painted desert and the Arizona Diamondbacks, I can’t think of a single redeeming thing that would cause me to move there (and there goes my one follower from Arizona)!  ;o)

Hopefully when I get on the road it will impact me less.  I won’t be on a clock per se, with the exception of check-in and check-out days at my campsites.  But I’d still feel much better if Daylight Savings Time was done away with.

I’m grumpy. I’m crotchety. I’m irritated. I’m fidgety.  So please forgive my Sunday morning rant. I’ll be okay. November 1st is just around the corner.


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