SiriusXM … We Have Liftoff!

09 Mar
Sirius-XM-5 satellite

Hey Satellite! You’ve got a new subscriber down here!

As I type, I am listening to MLB Network Radio’s “Tour of Spring Training” on my Onyx Plus radio!  HOO-rah!

I have to say, the rest of my purchasing experience went pretty well.  It still took a decent amount of time, but that’s on me, seeing as how I was looking for a deal.  And I had quite the serendipitous experience when it came to purchasing my Onyx Plus radio.

I was “watching” three radios that were being offered on eBay. More were available, but these were the only items where the bids were starting out well below the MSRP and were from sellers with a 100% positive rating. Two of them were new and one was used.  By the way, when I started out, the radios were also being offered at Amazon for $74 and change, so that was the baseline I was using … I’d have to see a pretty good discount from the Amazon price in order to do a deal.

The used radio was the first auction ending … last Friday around 1pm.  When I put my bid in (at 1 minute before closing), the last price was $51.50.  I bid $56.52 but didn’t get it.  It wound up selling for $58.50 (with free shipping).  So I started following the other bids a little more intently.  Both were set to close shortly after 6pm.

Around 6pm, a little voice went off in my head – “Go check at Amazon one last time before you submit your bids.”  I did, and was amazed to discover that they had dropped their price overnight!  I wound up buying a new one directly from Amazon for $60.55!  Talk about lucky!  I wound up getting one for $4 more than what I was willing to pay for the used one (and would have kicked myself afterwards if the deal had gone through.)  Total drive-out price for the radio and the dock – $119.10, which was a little more than $100 savings from MSRP and $60 less than the “special” price from SiriusXM that would have required my subscribing to radio service at full price.  Pretty good, huh?

The radio and speaker dock arrived this afternoon, so I went online to register the radio and buy a subscription.  I had found a discount code that offered 6 months service for $25 and had no problem getting that discount okay’d by the SiriusXM representative who helped me via online chat.  Including the royalty fee and taxes I’m getting half a year’s service for $33 which I think is a real bargain!

By the way, the signal is great!  I just plopped the antenna in my apartment window … it faces southeast, but I’ve angled the antenna a bit towards the south.  Hopefully I get as good reception when I’m out on the road.

The renewal will be billed at about $111 when my current subscription ends in September, but they’ll notify me by email before then, which will give me time to see what I can do about negotiating a better deal with them going out from there.  But today?  I’m very happy today.


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