Frank’s Favorite Place

15 Mar
Hide and Seek Frank

It was Frank’s turn to hide when I took this shot.

The weather was great here in Charleston this afternoon, so Frank and I headed over to James Island County Park.  The dog park there is magnificent … it has over 4 acres of fenced-in open field (okay, so that’s a bit of an oxymoron, I know).  There are also three doggie beaches, which Frank took full advantage of back during the sweltering heat we had last August and early September.  Oh yeah, full disclosure … I found it a bit disconcerting when I saw the “Warning: Be on the lookout for alligators” sign the first time we went there.  I asked a park ranger about it one time, who said, “I wouldn’t worry … if there’s a gator, people are going to let you know when you arrive.”  My response was, “Okay, but that doesn’t do much good for the dog that gets to the park first, does it?”

We’ve gone there enough that Frank recognizes the turnoff from the main road.  Once we’re headed toward the gate, I can hear his tail going “Thwap, thwap, thwap against the rear passenger seats, after which comes the little “let me out, let me out” squeals of delight.  By the time we’re parked, he’s wishing he knew how to open the back door so he didn’t have to wait for me!

Today, Frank was enjoying the company of a young lab.  The lab (his name was “Bogus”) was really playful … Bogus would run around Frank and then playfully crouch, after which Frank would do the same.  This led into a full-out game of “hide and seek”, where it seemed like they were actually taking turns running around a bush or a fence while the other one looked for him.

Heading for play

Once he takes care of “business,” Frank’s ready to return to the action!

The crowd there is great, and so are the dogs … I’ve seen just about every size and breed you can imagine since our first visit last July.  Everyone does a great job ensuring the dogs get along.  Yes, there’s an occasional bit of rough play – Frank even had a little dust up this past summer with a dog that was being overly protective of his owner – but everyone is pretty quick to step in and get control of their dogs when that happens.  And for the most part, it’s “kiss and make up”, after which they all go back to running around and enjoying themselves.

We’ll get in a few more visits before June 1st.  Oh yeah, Frank is snoring away on his bed, right next to my desk.  He’s exhausted!

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