They’re Baaaaaack

07 Jun
Hey Kids

Hey kids! What’s happening?

I’m not sure what’s going on here … either we just happened to pick a campsite that’s a “Goose favorite” or they’re just infatuated with a dog who pretty much leaves them alone to do whatever they choose without worrying about being chased!  We have more than 30 of them in the water, climbing up onto shore and taking over the grassy area to the west of our campsite.

They landed right in front of the tent and then proceeded to work they’re way over to the grassy area.  ON the way over, one or two of them stopped and stared at Frank, who was totally enjoying the parade.  I am amazed that a member of the “hound group”, who are basically hunters, has shown no desire at all to proactively check them out as they pass by!

geese takeover 1

Don’t mind us … where just hungry and looking for some grub!

If this visit goes like the last two or three, they’ll work their way back into the water about 50 feet down shore and then swim their way to parts unknown, only to return later this evening.  Here’s another shot of a few of them as they make their way onto shore.

Aside from our winged friends, we seem to have the park mostly to ourselves.  It’s early Sunday afternoon and everyone’s lit out to prepare for their work weeks. We’ve seen a couple of new arrivals but for the most part, the place is empty.  Frank and I took a little walk around the campground this morning, but right now, it’s just too hot to do much of anything except watch the geese frolick about.  I think we’ll turn on the Red Sox game in a little while and enjoy the sounds of baseball mixed in with the sounds of nature.  All in all, a pretty restful and relaxing afternoon is in store!  (Except for this Yahoo in his flat-bottomed boat who comes by about once every 45 minutes … and who feels everyone on shore should listen to the country music he’s blasting from his sound system. Geesh!)


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3 responses to “They’re Baaaaaack

  1. Donna Edwards Suhl

    June 7, 2015 at 2:34 pm

    the gosslings are getting bigger!


    • ustabe

      June 7, 2015 at 5:03 pm

      Donna, there were 8 goslings amongst the gaggle that invaded the camp today. Two of them were part of the family that’s been back multiple times now … the one with the “war vet” father. I just thought this photo was pretty cute, seeing as how the three of them were looking right at Frank and me when I snapped it! ;o)



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