Relaxing at Goose Island

07 Jan

Our first week at Goose Island State Park has gone by pretty quickly. I really like this place … in fact, I think it’s the best state park we’ve been in so far. We’ve got plenty of room in our little campsite, but we’re not too isolated from our neighbors, few as they’ve been. Granted, we’re not next to water, but we’re close enough to the bay that we have that salt smell in the air when you wake up in the morning. And that’s always been one of my favorite smells.

A few neighbors have stopped by, mostly to pet Frank.  He is an attention magnet and he eats up every little bit he gets!  An elderly couple stopped by as I started to write this blog entry.  They had owned a couple of beagles in the past and shared a few stories about their past pets … “bagles” as they were laughingly referred to by the woman.

We’ve been walking the last few days. The night before last, we went out at dusk. Frank likes to walk as far ahead as the leash allows. His nose was going 100 miles an hour, checking everything out. He was so busy following all the scents that he was completely startled by the two deer he spooked. They suddenly appeared just a little ways in front of him and bounded across the road, disappearing into the brush on the other side.

Frank’s a lover, not a fighter. He’s basically lost whatever hunting instincts his ancestors had … instead of chasing after them, he turned around and gave me a, “What the hell was THAT???” look. And afterwards, he was content to walk next to me on the way back to the tent, somewhat afraid of what else might come out of the bushes. I’m not sure who was more scared by that rendevous – the deer or Frank!

Yesterday’s walk was almost exactly a mile. We went to the end of our loop, down the main road to the next one, and back around to home. it’s not that we’ve made a New Year’s resolution or anything. I think it has more to do with being cooped up for so long. Between the rain and the wind storms we’ve had to endure, there haven’t been too many opportunities to walk around. And it’s just so nice here at this campsite. The live oak all have such intriguing shapes.

No, if any “resoluting” was gonna be contemplated, it’d be in the eating area. I need to do a much better job cooking. I’ve not really cooked since Colorado. I’ve got an inertia thing going and I can’t figure out what it is. It’s definitely been on my mind, though. I keep making excuses about why I’m not doing anything about it. “When the weather gets better,” or “I don’t want to leave Frank in the car while I’m shopping,” or some other bullshit reason. I’m hoping that writing about it here will help me overcome whatever block I’m running into.

There’s one other thing this little 2-day spell of rain taught me – I need to come to grips with my data plan once and for all. I mentioned watching “The Man in the High Castle” a few blog posts ago. It was quite enjoyable, but those 10 episodes … along with watching “Interstellar” … really did a number on my data allotment. When the rain hit here at Goose Island, I watched an old favorite – “Seven Days in May” starring Kirk Douglas and Burt Lancaster. Not sure why I had an urge to watch that, but I did. And now I’m to a point where I’m praying that we don’t have too much more rain because I’ll not be able to spend it watching flicks – I just got a warning that only 25% of my monthly allotment is left, with 60% of my month still to come.

I need to take a hint from Seinfeld’s Elaine Benes. Instead of deciding who is “spongeworthy”, I need to decide which flicks are “dataworthy”! Man in the High Castle? Dataworthy, although in the end, I was left wanting a bit more. Interstellar? Not dataworthy. If I had it to do over again, I’d have shut down the movie after about 45 minutes. I should have focused on the data-worthiness of what was left instead of giving into the “I gotta see how this thing ends” urge. “Seven Days in May” was a dalliance brought on by boredom. I should have saved the data.

What I really need to do is bite the bullet and change plans. I figured out how I can get about 40GB of data from T-Mobile: two plans, one on a phone and one on a separate hot spot device, each with a little over 20GB on their plan. it’d come out to about $165/month, but I’d have to invest about $400 on the hot spot and on a new phone. I hate doing that, but in the long run it’ll save me money. I intend to take care of that at the end of the month, once the next social security deposit hits my account.

That’s about it for now. Hopefully my next post will be about what I fixed for dinner! :o)

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One response to “Relaxing at Goose Island

  1. jeanie maginness

    January 8, 2016 at 9:16 am

    I believe you’ll be cooking up a storm now that you have acknowledged your problem.
    Just remember that everything tastes better when you are camping…so keep it easy…Mac and cheese, hotdogs with canned chili and raw onions…….Yummy.
    Have you looked into MetroPC ? Carli gets a bunch of data for only $55.00 monthly.



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