Moving On …

13 Jan

We broke camp this morning at Goose Island State Park.  I simply cannot believe we were there for two whole weeks!  We didn’t do much … went on a few short hikes, drove down to look at historic downtown Rockport and took in a few sites.  Most of the time we just hung around the campsite, Frank exploring as far as his leash would allow and me sitting back watching him, taking it easy in the camp chair.  I have to say that aside from the Colorado campgrounds, Goose Island is the nicest park we’ve visited.  The individual sites are spacious, not too close to (and not too far from) your neighbors, lots of trees, and very well maintained.  If you’re looking for a nice place to camp on the Texas gulf coast, I can offer my highest recommendation!

frank in car

If you look past the reflection, you’ll see Frank in there, raring to get on the road!

The breakdown went pretty smooth this morning.  I was a bit apprehensive going into it because I discovered the reason for the tent leaning:  one of the main top support beams is bent.  I was concerned about whether it was still going to go together okay in the carrying case.  It did, so that was a major relief.  I’ll take a closer look at it when we set up camp tomorrow at the Breckenridge Campsite, Lake Texana, TX.  I think I’m going to try and bend it back ever so slightly. I have a tendency to be a little rough on things like that, so it’s going to be a bit of a challenge to give it just slight pressure. I don’t want to snap it, that’s for sure.

speeding frank

Frank loves the open road … almost as much as I do!

We just checked into our Motel 6 for the night.  No easy chair, but a nice big bed. I just happened to turn around and look at it as I typed the last sentence … there’s Frank, already giving it the “Beagle Seal of Approval”.  Funny, I’ve heard of harbor seals and elephant seals. Never heard of a beagle seal.  Thanks. I’m here until tomorrow..   Try the veal.

I managed to cook one meal the night before last.  Hot dogs and beans.  I guess that’s a good thing.  We’ll go grocery shopping in the morning before heading over to the lake.  Time to get back in the swing of things.

That’s it for now. Just wanted to do a quick check in before settling down for the night.  Like I told my Facebook friends, the motel is in a small town named Ganado, as in “Ganado absolutely nothing but sleep tonight!”  I’m exhausted!  :o)


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6 responses to “Moving On …

  1. jeanie maginness

    January 14, 2016 at 8:10 am

    I had no idea you were only staying short term there. Looking fwd to your next “homestead” Will the weather be more gulf like ?
    You are Ganado exactly what I “did” yesterday.


    • ustabe

      January 14, 2016 at 8:15 am

      It’s a state park, Jeanie. State and national parks don’t let you stay longer than 2 weeks before you have to move. At least that’s the way it is with the states I’ve searched so far.


  2. Agent X

    January 15, 2016 at 9:28 am

    Last summer Dad and I took a day trip up to Caprock Canyon State park and Palo Dura State park. Palo Dura gets a lot more publicity and traffic but Cap Rock Canyon was a true serendipity on the plains. Down in the canyon, the Texas plains are soooooo dramatically transformed as if entirely some where else! The lake was beautiful and the buffalo roamed freely along the roads etc…

    I did not stay the night and camp. Cant speak to the place at all levels, but I am sure Dad and I will explore it further next summer….

    Just sayin…



    • ustabe

      January 15, 2016 at 11:27 am

      Thanks for the tip. We stopped by Palo Duro Canyon on the trip from La Veta to Corpus Christi State Park, but only for about an hour. Never hear of Caprock Canyon, but I will definitely add it to my list of future places to check out.

      What I know about west Texas couldn’t fill a thimble. Spent 10 years living in Dallas and for the most part, spent all my time in the eastern part of the state. Have some friends that live in Fort Davis and I’m using them as an excuse to see more of the state. Probably next year.

      Thanks again.


  3. Agent X

    January 15, 2016 at 3:12 pm

    I should have mentioned Buffalo Gap state park too. I have not been down there in a really long time. I know the country is lovely in that area, but I could not speak to the facilities at all. But I bet you know where to find ratings on that kinda thing…

    Anyway, I love your dog. So glad you got’m. That is special.


    • ustabe

      January 16, 2016 at 11:17 am

      Frank is my angel. I know I’ve said it before, but I continue to check him for wings after he falls asleep. :o)



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