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Bugging Out to a New Place

Well, we’re in a new place.  In fact, we left Triple Creek a day early.  The weather was great over the last week of our stay. But Wednesday morning, we woke to overcast skies and a wind picking up from out of the southwest.  I hadn’t done much in the way of getting ready to leave – about the only thing I had managed to do was to clean out the cooler, take out the trash and put a load of wash in the laundry.

We were in the Nutshell … Frank snoring away on the sleeping bag and me sitting in the doorway, looking at the skies … when the phone rang. It was Mike in Houston. “Hey, Jeff. I read on Facebook that you’re planning on leaving tomorrow, but I thought I’d let you know that the weather’s turning here.  Given that dirt road, have you thought at all about leaving early?”

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back.  I told him that I’d been looking at the skies myself and was vacillating between bugging out and staying. But given his update from Houston, it was probably a good idea to leave early.

It took less than 30 minutes to have everything packed up!  Man, what a difference.  If we had still been in the tent, we wouldn’t have been able to leave before dark. As it was though, I got everything stowed in the Nutshell and actually had to wait for the load of clothes to finish in the dryer!  We told Rick that we were bugging out and he agreed it was probably a good idea.  I paid our electric bill for the month … all $3.10 of it … and headed down the road.  It was just a little before 4 o’clock.

I had found an RV park about halfway between Woodville and Dallas that was only $11/night, but decided to pass it by and keep heading onward.  The sun set as we were nearing Dallas and we were treated to an unbelievable lightning show as we continued to approach the city.  Lots of air-to-ground strikes in the distance.

We didn’t arrive in Lewisville until almost 9 o’clock.  The campsite was closed, so we spent the night in a nearby Motel 6.  In retrospect, I’m glad we did.  We weren’t in our room for more than 10 minutes when the skies opened up.  Frank was huddled on the bed next to the pillow, wrapped in his thundershirt.  He had a much easier time dealing with the thunder in the motel than he probably would have had in the teardrop.

We got to the campground about 9:30 am the next morning.  We were lucky – our reserved spot was vacant so they let us check in early.  It took a little more time to set up than at our previous campsites.  I had wrapped the galley in one of the comforters to protect the contents (especially the coffee pot and the lid to the crock pot).  Everything survived just fine, but there were a couple of items that still fell through into the cabin.  It turned out for the best though!  While putting things back up in the galley and in the storage space underneath the bottom shelf, I realized that if the storage space was rearranged a bit, I had room for the C-Pap machine and could run it from there! So after re-laying the two comforters down for padding, I switched the sleeping bag around so that I’m now lying with my head at the back of the cabin instead of the front.  That might not seem like a big deal, but it’s made it much easier to navigate in at night and out in the morning.  I can just throw my legs out the door instead of having to turn around in a tiny space first.  It’s the little things in life, right?   :o)


Sunrise over the lake

Our new campground is beautiful!  In my opinion, it’s the best one we’ve been in to date.  Granted, the RV’s are pretty packed in, but I lucked out with my spot.  Our site’s set up so that our little lawn and the picnic table are behind the Nutshell and from there, we have a wonderful view of the lake.  There’s a pull-through site right behind us, but the hookups are situated where the RV that’s in there now is on one side of the driveway, giving us an unobstructed view of a little cove, the day use park on the other side, and a huge expanse of the lake in the background.

The site itself is well shaded and the Nutshell blocks the late sun from our little grassy area.  I’m interested to see how long the cooler will retain ice in these conditions. I’ve staked Frank’s lead so that he has a fairly nice section to run in … the only thing I’m waiting for is for a ranger to come by and tell me that he’s not supposed to have more than 10 feet of lead.  Knock on wood that doesn’t happen.  Right now, there’s no one in the spot to our north. If someone comes in, that’ll probably be when he have to be a bit more restricted in his movement.

I have a nice neighbor.  Wanda’s from Louisiana.  She’s 70 and in a big RV by herself.  Her family came in to join her today.  Our doors are about 25 feet apart, so it’s a good thing she’s pleasant, otherwise I’d have to be using the door on the other side!  My site doesn’t have a barbecue and she volunteered hers if I wanted to grill anything.  (She said that any cooking she did would be inside, that the grill is “too nasty” to suit her taste!)  :o)

Yesterday was a jam packed day!  Frank had a vet appointment.  We’re finally near a PetSmart with a vet and he was 2 months overdo to check whether or not the imiticide treatments he received for heartworm last year had worked.  I am grateful to say that he is heartworm free!!!  I know I’ll have to face it sooner or later, but I dread the day when he has to go his separate way.  But it won’t be because of heartworm, I’m glad to say!

While there, he had a teeth cleaning done.  They had to put him to sleep for that, so he wound up spending most of the day there.  While that was going on, I had my own “cleaning up” to do.

12593782_10209029176704822_2389711171118732716_o (1)

Two Old Vagabonds

I got what I think is the best haircut I’ve ever had.  I haven’t been traveling with a razor, so come haircut time, I have to find an old-fashioned barber who does straight razor shaves.  I found a guy at the Lovers Lane Barber Shop … Ivan, who said he’s been cutting hair for over 20 years.  He trimmed about 2 inches off the beard … gave me an incredibly relaxing neck shave and then trimmed a bit off the top while keeping it tapered into the ponytail I’ve been nurturing.  It was worth the $10 tip I gave him, trust me.  Now if he could have just done something about my face!

After that, I had lunch with the same guys I ate with when I was in town for a quick stopover last July … plus one!  Pat, a former pilot, was able to come this time and it only added to the rowdiness of six guys enjoying Mexican grub and alcohol.  I had fish tacos … in line with Good Friday … and they were delicious! The only thing better than lunch was the conversation.  We talked about everything from vacationing in Aruba (John wants us to all take a trip together next year), to grandkids, to ribald discussion about “size mattering”, to high school memories, to the 2nd amendment!  I appreciate that they put up with the “token liberal Yankee” they’ve allowed into the circle.  I’m pretty sure any one of us, if it was ever necessary, would put “bat to skull” for any of the other guys sitting at that table.  Lunch ended with a photo session and hugs all around.  i’m going to miss them – I don’t plan on being back in town until next March and Facebook posts will have to suffice in the meantime.

Today has been a relaxing day, lake side.  The crock pot is cooking up a big batch of stew right now.  Frank has been alternating between sleeping in the grass and sleeping on the picnic table while suffering through my trying to get back in the swing of things with the guitar.  My finger is healing nicely … the scab is gone, replaced by a big scar. The face of my finger is still quite swollen and there’s a decent amount of scar tissue that I’m going to have to break down in order to regain dexterity.  As it is, I’m covering up strings that should be open while chording and it’s going to be a long process getting back to being able to play like I was before the accident.  Frank says it can’t come soon enough!

Here are some photos of the Nutshell in camp, nestled among all the grown up RV’s. After watching four people take 40 minutes to park a 30 footer  in a nearby spot, I’m extremely happy that I only  have to deal with my little home.  Size does matter after all!  :o)







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