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Catching Up

So I’ve been doing a lot of prep work. I’ve spent the last 3 weeks figuring out what gear I need while having to balance “need” against “what can I carry in my car?” … and that’s been a bit problematic. I’ve put together a pretty good list. It’s just a matter of paring it back now.

I’ve done a lot of research on “vagabonding” as well. Funny, but the one major consideration has to do with establishing a home address so you can maintain a driver’s license. Texas has built up case law that enable full-time RVers to claim that state as a home base. I talk to an attorney about it in a couple of days. Assuming that’s what I do, I’ll have to head in that direction when I set out to visit their DMV, among other things.

Moving forward from there, I’ve mapped out my first 8 months of travel. I’ll leave Charleston on June 2nd and take a month and a half to reach Dallas, Tx. I’ll make camp in central Georgia, along the Florida panhandle and in Louisiana at various state parks.

From Dallas, I’ll head up to Colorado and stay there through the end of September. I’ve got a few places mapped out and am set to make reservations. After that, I head back south – a month in New Mexico (Taos and Tucumcari) followed by a long trek down to Mission, TX in the Rio Grande Valley. I’ll be in Texas from early November through February, with sites picked out in Mission, Port Aransas and Bay City.

If I weren’t going to Texas to get my driver’s license set up, things might be different. But since I’m starting out mid-year and have to make sure I can get to warmer climes for the winter, I don’t feel like I can wander too far away … that’s why I’ve decided to make Colorado my home for the end of the summer and beginning of fall.

Tomorrow, I’ll fill you in on some of the other prep work I’ve been doing.

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